How long after you have delivered a baby do you need to wait before having cosmetic surgery?

Nature of the surger. For breast surgery it is important that your milk flow has disappeared (usually about six months after stopping breast feeding). For a tummy tuck or liposuction it's good to be near a maintainable pre-pregnancy weight (about six months minimum). Remember, you also have a newborn to care for while recovering from surgery. That can be challenging during healing since we want to avoid complications.
Variable. Longer is generally better, up to one year.
6-12 months. Timing of surgery after having a baby is dependant on many factors. I recommend that a patient who is wanting to have some sort of body contouring surgery be within 5-10 lbs of their goal weight. It is ideal to be at this weight for 6-12 mos. Breast surgery should not be considered until after you are finished breast feeding. Surgeries have activity restrictions post-op that must be considered.
Depends on area! If you want a rhinoplasty (for example) after childbirth, once you have adequate care for your newborn and are doing well yourself (and if you are breast feeding have enough stored milk for your baby), then a couple of weeks is enough. But if breast or tummy surgery, 3 months after completion of breast feeding is minimum, and 6 months is better. Should have family complete if you want tummy tuck!