What should I do about possible spider bite? I suspect I got spider bitten 3 days ago. The spot where the fang marks are is about the size of a dime. It was bright red. Now its changed color. Like a light gray? Its itching horribly. I'm having headac

Treat surface . With antibiotic ointment initially, if redness spreads then may need antibiotics by mouth. The change to darker color is the affect pd toxins that spiders have in the bite. Just make sure this does not get infected.
Usually . Usually a spider bite will cause local symptoms, meaning symptoms related to the site of the bite; these include itching, swelling, redness, and pain. Also an allergic reaction can occur, which also includes itching, hives can occur, and more severely shortness of breath and wheezing can occur. It does not sound like you have had an allergic reaction, but for anyone reading this, it's important to note when shortness of breath or difficulty breathing is present, this is a medical emergency and should be addressed by medical professionals asap. As far as your symptoms are concerned, the fact that you have headaches, nausea, and dizziness is a little more troubling than a local reaction since these are symptoms that are away from the actual bite (systemic reaction). You should be seen by a medical professional right away for evaluation and treatment. Good luck.
Staph Infection. Regardless of whether you have a bite or an infection it sounds very serious and i disagree with the other doctors who have responded to you today. In my experience in the last two years all of these sores have turned out to be a serious staph infection and the patients needed antibiotics and /or surgery to drain the abscess, please. Please get to your family doctor today to be treated.