What can be done for a patient with cardiomyapathy and stage 3 lung cancer? Patient was diagnosed with cardiomyapathy in 2006. She's currently 52, smoker and overweight. She also takes medicine for cholesterol and diabetes. Two months ago she was diagn

She . She will need chemotherapy for sure, but may be at high risk for radiation. The standard of care should be combined chemo and xrt, but she should be evaluated by a cardiologist to see what her current cardiac status is.
The . The best treatment for stage iii non-small cell lung cancer is chemotherapy and radiation together. Most patients with mild to moderate cardiomyopathy can tolerate this regimen, especially with modern radiation techniques that can avoid the heart and functioning lung. The patient needs to see an experienced lung cancer team consisting of a radiation oncologist and medical oncologist to formulate a customized treatment plan. It seems that mercy medical center in canton, oh or summa health in akron, oh might be such places. Otherwise, there are multiple world-class facilities in cleveland.