How long does it take for nicotine from chewing tobacco to be completely flushed from your system so that it cannot be detected? I need to take a nicotine test for a job and I need to know how far in advance I need to quit the stuff.

2-3 days. Nicotine is a short-acting drug, and is usually metabolized into cotinine which lasts for up to 72 hours. If you give it one week, your test should be negative. However, you should stay stopped - chewing tobacco damages your teeth, can cause oral cancer, makes your breath stink, and is a thoroughly nasty habit. Get some help if you need it - most ballplayers have stopped, usually with gum.
It . It depends on whether the nicotine test is a urine test, blood test or hair follicle test and how much you smoke. For most people, a urine test takes 2-4 days to be clear, a blood test takes 7-10 days and a hair follicle test takes much longer, but is not usually used due to expense. If you are a heavy smoker, it may take longer for the nicotine to clear from your system (up to a week for the urine test and a couple weeks for the blood test). Smoking menthol cigarettes may also cause the test to remain positive longer than regular cigarettes or chewing tobacco. Of course, the sooner you quit, the better it is for your health. Below i've linked a number of web resources to help you quit smoking. Good luck!