Whats signs to look for on a toddler after a fall on head my son fell off of his loft bed about 4 feet high directly onto his forhead and there is no bump. I'm worried it is internal because I know that a goose egg is a good sign. My son has none, just a b

Go to pediatrician. Don't look, take him to the pepdiatrician.
Toddlers . Toddlers and preschoolers often bump into things and fall down, and fortunately most accidents are witnessed by a parent or a caregiver so the mechanism and severity of the illness can be judged right away. Seek medical attention right away if there was any loss of consciousness associated with the child’s head injury — even if the child “came to” a few seconds later, or if there was significant speed or height associated with the head injury. If instead there is no loss consciousness, consider these signs as reasons to seek medical attention. • any symptom that is getting worse, such as headaches, nausea or sleepiness • changes in behavior, such as irritability or confusion • dilated pupils (pupils that are bigger than normal) or pupils of different sizes • trouble walking or speaking • drainage of bloody or clear fluids from ears or nose • vomiting • seizures • weakness or numbness in the arms or legs most doctor offices and children’s hospitals have 24 hour on call lines for medical advice, so if ever in doubt, please call your child’s medical provider for specific medical advice right away, .