Question about HPV I am a 42 year old male. My former partner had an abnormal pap 4 years ago which the dr said was hpv, though didn't specify a type. Her subsequent followups and next 3 annuals came back clean, and I've never had any symptoms myself. I w

Let . Let me start by saying that approximately 1/3 people carry the hpv virus. Most of those people don't have signs or symptoms and may never know. There are 100's of types of hpv, the most dengerous causing cervical cancer in women; there are other types which cause genital warts. The cancer risk in men in much lower than women; the types that most commonly affect men are rectal and throat. We can safely assume based on history your partner is a carrier of the hpv virus, fortunately for her she has had 3 normal paps and therefore showing no cervical changes. To answer your question, hpv can be passed by oral sex and even genital to genital contact. In order to fully protect yourself a condom should be used with all sexual activity (oral and vaginal) from start to finish.
Vaccination. Agree with Dr. Jackson. The new guidelines recommend HPV vaccine for both men and women below the age of 45. You may wish to get vaccinated.