Why do I get a dry mouth while sleeping? I drink water when I awake in middle of night when these symptoms are present

Meds. Do you take medications before you go to bed, the most common cause of dry mouth are meds, or auto immune disese, need to be evaluated by both and md and dds.
The. The simple answer is a dry mouth while sleeping is caused by a lack of saliva, and from sleeping with your mouth open. You can try drinking water throughout the day and evening to keep yourself hydrated. This should help. If the problem persists or occurs during the day, you might be dealing with another issue, and you would likely benefit from a visit to your primary care provider.
Mouth breathing. In addition to dr. Latifs answer, mouth breathing can cause this. Snoring can also cause. Mouth and throat dryness.
Why. Why do I get a dry mouth while sleeping? A dry mouth, or xerostomia, that occurs while sleeping can arise from several factors. The normal flow of saliva into the mouth slows considerably during sleep. People also tend to drink much less fluids before and during the sleep period. But, the mouth is typically protected from drying by remaining closed and decreased swallowing while asleep. The bothersome feeling of a dry mouth, however, suggests that there may be a problem. Many medications and supplements can have a dehydrating effect and increase dryness. Mouthwashes can also be a factor as they frequently contain alcohol which further dries the mouth. Tobacco products can reduce saliva flow and disrupt the normal flow of mucus in the mouth and throat. A simple review of medications and products may lead to the source of the dryness. Another process leading to xerostomia is altered breathing. Normally, airflow occurs through the nose into the throat during sleep. Any congestion or blockages in those areas can lead to the mouth opening for air. Many factors such as allergies, respiratory infections, deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, enlarged tonsils and adenoids, bruxism (tooth grinding), and dental appliances can affect normal airflow. Once the mouth opens in an effort to breathe, the surfaces can quickly dry. The dryness may be the first symptom of a serious disruption of breathing such as sleep apnea. Medical problems affecting the saliva glands can also produce xerostomia. Sjogren's disease is an autoimmune condition affecting the production of tears and saliva. Xerostomia is seen often in patients with diabetes or parkinson's disease. Finally, radiation therapy to the saliva glands or systemic chemotherapy can lead to severe longterm dryness. Your physician can help you evaluate and treat dry mouth symptoms. More importantly, xerostomia may be the first symptom of a serious medical problem.
I. I agree with both doctors who have answered this question already. I would also add that dry mouth can be associated with sleep apnea/snoring. If you have significant daytime sleepiness and snore at night you need to ask your health care provider about the possibility of obstructive sleep apnea (osa).

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Have been dealing with extreme dry mouth at night only, and periodic sore throats for past 3 weeks. Condition is causing minimal sleep as it wakes him up at least 6-8 times per night to drink water. Using Biotene spray & Prescript Toothpaste?

Humidifier. People who live in climates with low humidity (esp in the winter) can greatly benefit from using a humidifier during the night. Prevent dryness by using OTC nasal saline to rinse and open nasal passages to avoid mouth breathing at night. Avoid OTC cold remedies as the medications worsen oral dryness. Maintain good hydration during daytime.

I wake up every morning with a headache and a dry mouth but I have AC on and I drink water before I go to sleep?

Dry mouth\headache. This might be related to the medications you take or you might be sleeping with an open mouth from allergies or nasal congestion. You will have to discuss this with your own physician rather than have us make educated guesses over the internet.

Dry mouth in AM (I sleep with my mouth open), throat clicks when I swallow until I drink water. What part of throat causes this & why hydration helps?

Mouth breathing. Chronic mouth breathing can not only affect your quality of life, but also your life causing major health problems. Nose breathing is very important. Clicks could come from Thyroid, larynx or TMJ. See ENT for evaluation laryngoscopy and cause for the mouth breathing.

I drink water before sleeping. Yet every morning I wake up with very dry mouth. I don't sleep with my mouth open. Not diabetic. What cud be the reason?

Dry mouth. You may be sleeping with your mouth open even if you don't know it and for at least part of the time. Some medications cause dry mouth. When was you last dental and medical check-up? Dry mouth promotes cavities. Make sure you brush and floss properly for two minutes before you go to sleep.
Stress, see PCP. According to the latest research, stress can lead to bruxism and dry mouth. Ask your doctor about sleep hygiene instructions.