How often should a child urinate in a day? My 5 yr old son only urinates 4 times daily. When he gets up in the morning he doesn't go to the bathroom for about an hr and half. He says he doesn't feel like he has to go. My son has ulcerative coltis, eosinop

You're . You're right that "holding it" can cause some problems. When the bladder is stretched full most of the time, it doesn't "feel" full anymore. A child might have an achey tummy, but not recognize that his bladder is full. With his pain tolerance and other tummy aches, he really doesn't feel like he has to go. His bladder should be full first thing in the morning, and since he is 5, he might enjoy a game to get him going. Try sprinkling cheerios into the toilet and invite him to "sink" them. What boy can resist the challenge? A smart pediatric nurse once suggested that you draw a face on a square of toilet paper and have the child sink that. I was so embarrassed the first few times i suggested it, but the kids just love it, and they keep going until the last drop. When kids don't know that they have to go, i recommend going six times a day on a schedule that works for you. Make a little star on a chart each time they go. Keep the cheerios handy if you need an incentive! best of luck to you.