Lifelong allergic 'type' I've been told that I am a 'typical allergic type': dark circles under the eyes, slight but chronic chest congestion, chronic fluid behind the eardrums. Intense june grass sensitivity but always stuffy the rest of the year. Every

Allergic . It definitely sounds like an allergic rhinits. Have you seen an allergist and considered therapy including allergy shots to eliminate the allergies.
Allergies . Allergies are a very difficult thing to live with, speaking from personal experience. The dark circles under your eyes are commonly referred to as "allergic shiners" just in case you were curious. They are caused by chronic sinus congestion which occurs with allergies, also known as hay fever. Before we get into holistic approaches, i want to stress to you the importance of taking a daily anti-histamine. When you are continuously exposed to allergens (june grass etc.) certain cells in your body produce histamine. The histamine is what causes allergy symptoms (sneezing, itchy eyes, throat etc.) over time the histamine accumulates and tends to build up over time. Think of a large cup being filled with water, and everytime your histamine increases your cup fills. Now think about a good day with minimal symptoms, no new water is added to the cup, but the cup is still filled from the previous histamine exposure. Therefore, taking a daily anti-histamine will help stop your cup from filling up and will eventually help reduce the histamine level, which in turn will reduce your symptoms. A holistic approach to this problem would be to focus on prevention. This can be done through a variety of lifestyle changes. Make sure to vacuum or sweep your house daily, use special protective covers on your pillows, use a special hepa filter at night, if you have pets don't let them sleep with you, use natural cleaning products.In addition to these things focus on building up your immune sytem by eating a healthy diet, regular exercise, and maintaining your emotional well being. Also it may not be a bad idea to consult an allergist. A review of your history, in particulary the allergy shots would be useful in determining if another cycle would be beneficial. Good luck.