I'm pregnant and have a warrant for running away and possivly a probabtiob vio. Ill be arrested when I have my baby. Ill be 17. I'm really worried. Can you tell me anything and everything.

Accept help. Your case will likely be referred to Child and family Services because the state will want to monitor your suitability as a parent. If drugs are found in babies system ( they will likely look) it may go to foster care while you work through your legal issues. If you can pull things together (family support, school,job,etc.) the kid would likely be returned.There is help out there if you cooperate.
Get help. Running away won't solve anything. The law is always understanding and loves to give a second chance to people who are willing to repent. Besides your baby's health and the example you need to set should far outweigh your fears. Good luck and be safe.
Probably . Probably nobody will compromise to answer your question because more than a medical question is a legal question. I wish I have you name to address you by your name. My friend, if you understand that you will be arrested at some point, please let it be now; you will be provided with medical care for you and your baby, social counseling and a place to stay. You wont be with the rest of immates, rather you will get a much more considered care. You need it and your baby, too. I'm an obstetrician in florida. I wish i could help you with my medical services. Be responsible with your baby. You are not alone any longer.