Does it hurt as the stitches are taken out after blepharoplasty?

No. Most communly the stiching is a running type and so very easy to remove. Magority of patient are surprised as how painless it is. Some squimish patients, might feel a pinch but nothing intolerable.
No Pain with Sutures. My patients typically experience mild discomfort for the first 1-2 days and can quickly transition off pain medication in that time frame. There is moderate swelling and some bruising that can occur, but should be resolved by the 7-10th days. Sutures usually stay in for about 5 days and do not hurt when then come out. Severe pain is rare should prompt you to see your surgeon right away.
Blepharoplasty. Stitch removal is not painful as long as you keep your stitches clean. Follow your surgeon's postop instructions.
Typically no. In most instances this is easily and quickly performed with minimal pain.
Uncomfortable. I use absorbable stitches which don't need to come out. But suture removal is uncomfortable at most when necessary.
It can but.. Actually the eyelids near the incision are very sensitive after surgery. We typically place a small amount of numbing creme before we remove the stitches. Even with out the creme the pain is usually minimal but can smart.
No. While pain is relative, most patients do not report significant pain when sutures are removed, only slight discomfort.
No. In general, it does not hurt to take the sutures out. You may feel some pulling or sliding of the sutures as they are pulled out.