Does having a tummy tuck get in the way of having more kids?

Skin only. Its best to wait, but if you don't see yourself having kids for several years, you can have a skin only tummy tuck- the muscles are left alone- which makes future pregnancies easier.
NO. I have had several patients get pregnant after a tummy tuck , usually not planned but it happens. Generally the tummy still looks pretty good if weight gain is not excessive during pregnancy, and sometimes their is some abdominal discomfort when the abdomen is rapidly enlarging. On very young patients who have had babies and don't plan on having more children for many years, i will do a skin only.
Technically NO. With each pregnancy there occurs stretching of the skin and muscle wall of the abdomen. If tummy tuck is done before a pregnancy, some loss of result can be expected. Most surgeons advise completing the pregnancies desired before electively removing excess skin and tightening (if needed) of the abdominal muscles.
Rarely.... I have seen a case of a woman who had trouble staying pregnant after her tummy tuck, but this is rare. It is best if you just have the surgery after you are complete with childbearing.
No but why do it? Itay not interfere with pregnancy depending on the tecnique used but pregnancy may interfere with the tummy tuck results so unless you absolutely need to do it now, my advice is to put it off until you are done with children (unless there are other compelling reasons you are not divulging here).
No, but. It won't keep you from getting pregnant but i would strongly encourage you to complete your child bearing before you have a tummy tuck. Why go through this kind of surgery only to get pregnant and risk ending up looking like befor surgery?
No- with a caveat. A tummy tuck does not prevent you from having more kids. However, having more kids after a tummy tuck will likely diminish the results you achieved with the surgery & may result in needing to repeat the surgery. It is probably better to wait until you are done having kids before having a tummy tuck. I recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon to determine the best treatment plan for you.