With all of the bath salts talk, I might as well weigh in, too... Mdpv withdrawal/come down assistance? I will keep this short and to the point. My co-worker has recently confided in me that he is using mdpv or bath salts. He was originally using them f

MDPV, . Mdpv, or "bath salts", is a designer psychoactive drug. It is used because it causes euphoria and increased wakefulness, but can also cause cardiovascular side effects including high blood pressure and rapid pulse; it can cause high body temperature and seizures; and it can cause agitation and suicidal tendencies. If he has been off them since wednesday, that is a good start. He should stay well hydrated and avoid any stimulants. If he has heart racing, agitation, or any suicidal thoughts, he must be seen immediately. Here is a website for free drug addiction counseling in your area: http://www.Choosehelp.Com/oregon.