I don't have a period and cannot get pregnant why? I am 25 years old and do not have a period I have never been on any type of birth control or anything I cannot seem to get pregnant no matter what I do. I went to a dr for this problem awhile back and the

Go See Ob/Gyn. It is necessary for you to go see a gynecologist to be evaluated for amenorrhea. It could be for a number of reasons. There is a very common disorder, called polycystic ovarian syndrome or pcos. This is an ovarian dysfunction disorder caused by the ovary not processing the pituitary hormones correctly, leading to the lack of ovulation. Without ovulation, there is no subsequent menses or pregnancy.
Not . Not having a period is a concerning symptom. This can be caused by several different conditions. First of all it is important to note if you have an average weight, as both underweight or overweight patients can have problems with their periods. Excessive exercise can also change patterns of periods. If those causes have been ruled out, it is very important that you undergo an evaluation, including blood work. There are some clinics that will work with patients who have difficult financial situations or will treat patients on a sliding scale. When you call a clinic ask them about that and if they won't help you ask if they have a recommendation of someone who can.