Mosquito bite marks - 19 months old baby my 19 month old daughters has mosquito bite marks on her hands. When she gets bitten, there will be a bit of swelling for couple of days and then it ends up in a mark. Though we apply cortaid, she rubs it during t

Probably normal. Young children often have exaggerated reactions to mosquito bites, and there really isn't anything to do about them. Minimize the bites by using repellants and/or loose-fitting clothing, and rest assured that these reactions will diminish as she gets older. Your pediatrician can prescribe a cream to help the symptoms go away more quickly when she gets bitten.
That. That is a good question. A scratched mosquito bite can leave a mark, but toddlers heal very well. Usually, no treatment is needed. A bit of petroleum jelly might soften the scar. If you wanted to focus on preventing bites, you could avoid taking her out at dusk, and avoid playing near ponds and creeks.