I have "compartment syndrome of thigh muscles". How do I find a specialist for treating it. Also for "greater trochanteric synd injuries involved ankles, knees, hips, with strain to soft tissues of both legs which was followed by upper and lower swellin

You . You will likely see your primary care physician to discuss your specific symptoms. Then, you will be referred to a specialist such as an orthopedic surgeon or sports medicine doctor who can help you and develop a treatment regimen for you. Be prepared to discuss your medications, the onset of the syndrome, how this is affecting your daily life, and your specific symptoms.

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Over time does exertional compartment syndrome cause all of the compartments in the lower leg to be affected? Smaller tenser muscles?

Not likely. The anterior compartment is the tightest, and when you're having pain there you usually stop exerting yourself, reducing the pressure there and in all the compartments. It is possible in other compartments though, and the syndrome has been described in every compartment of arms and legs. In my experience it's limited to one compartment at t time just the same. Read more...