What could be causing my black outs daily? I have been diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope in 2010... I was diagnosed after fainting for 7 years, not diagnosed. I've realized that every day I have been having these episodes where I would black out wit

I . I am sorry to hear of your dilemma and i believe you are right that this is not normal. As you are probably aware, neurocardiogenic syncope occurs due to a lack of cerebral blood flow usually induced by a change in posture and position. Based on your description i would search for another contributing cause. Has an eeg been performed? Do you have a blood pressure cuff? If so, have someone take your blood pressure during one of these events. If that person has any medical background then i would also have that person record your pulse. Additionally, it would be helpful if you would have someone video you during one of these events so that your event can be recorded and the doctors can observe the behavior you mention. I hope this helps.