What are the health problems and symptoms of living in a home with black mold? My aunt lives in a house with black mold growing on her garage ceiling. She's recently had unexplained weight gain, tremors in her hands and complains of bumps on her neck and

Black. Black mold can cause a variety of health issues, and it should be removed by a professional right away. The most common symptoms are breathing problems (cough, shortness of breath) muscle aches, allergy symptoms (i.e. Sneezing, hives), nausea, and rash. There have been some cases where mold can cause tremors. You aunt should be seen by her primary care provider who will likely perform diagnostic testing, and provide the necessary referals. Don't forget the house should be inspected, and the mold removed as soon as possible.
Mold. Mold toxicity can cause many different symptoms related to the immune system. Your aunt's symptoms may be related. She should leave her house immediately and seek professional help in getting the mold out of her home. A naturopathic doctor or a natural medical doctor may be able to help her. See www. A4m.Com or www. Functionalmedicine. Org to locate a doctor.