What to do about asthma attacks during intercourse? Full blown asthma attack can't breath good almost all the time unless fan is blowing on me. Coughing that with meds still don't go away all this has been happening for a yr now what to do?

First . First of all, it sounds like your asthma is uncontrolled. There are many different treatment options to decrease the number of asthma attacks that you are experiencing. There are controller medications that can be used daily. These include inhaled steroids that are typically taken once or twice a day. Your doctor will be able to assess your symptoms, and frequency/timing of the attacks, and prescribe you with an appropriate medication regimen. As far as your issue during intercourse, in order to decrease the likelihood of an asthma attack you can take 2 puffs of your rescue inhaler (usually albuterol) 15 minutes prior to intercourse. This should help. Good luck.
Triggers. Aside from the intercourse, you mentioned fans. Could be that the fan is blowing animal dander, or anything else you might be allergic to and which trigger your attacks. Talk to your physician about "detriggering" your home. It might be the answer to your problem.