Athelte feet can u get boils on your foot also what are signs of bad athele feet

Athlete's Feet. Athlete's feet condition is a fungal infection. It typically starts on the bottom of the foot or between toes. It needs moisture like sweating or wet environments to grab hold. It can look like boils, or little pimples, but also scaling skin, redness, and typically itches. It is treated by drying out the environment as best as possible. Some creams with anti fungal can work, but some are too wet.
Athlete's. Athlete's foot is a fungal infection that typically cause dry, scaling, red, and cracked feet that are usually very itchy. If you have "boils" on your feet that is a separate issue. Boils are caused by bacteria, and require different treatment than athletes foot. However, you could be dealing with both issues at the same time. Regardless you should be evaluated by your doctor in order to get appropriate treatment as soon as possible. Good luck.