What could the shoulder pain be? I've had on again off again shoulder pain since I was about 10 yrs old. I'm now 26 and a few months ago I went to an orthopedic specialist he did an MRI and didn't find anything. He told me that sometimes people more speci

My . My rule of thumb is always seek a second opinion if you are not satisfied or convinced of the diagnosis. You may be dealing with a nerve issue that can't be detected with an mri. This would require a different type of specialist and testing.(possibly a nerve conduction test). The bottom line is that you should not be suffering, you should not have to live in pain. In the meantime you can request physical therapy, accupuncture, and even a pain management specialist. The best of luck to you.
Complex Joint. The shoulder is a complex joint, & many conditions/ injuries (rotator cuff injury, bursitits, tendonitis, labral pathology, etc).Can cause pain/ weakness. Some injuries of the soulder occur due to acute injury and some are from overuse. Ii suggest you see a second orthopedist for a complete exam. http://drmarkgalland.com/category/shoulder/.