Ok I can't really get lubricated enough to have sex and when I do I have a white smelly discharge, after I have sex it smells l I just want to know what wrong

See a GYN MD. See a GYN MD and find out the answer by examination of the discharge for a possible infection.
A . A smelly vaginal discharge is always cause for concern. You could be dealing with an infection. Most likely a bacterial infection called bacterial vaginosis(bv). If not then you could be dealing with a yeast infection or even an std. Regardless you need to be seen by your primary care provider or gynecoloist for an exam, testing, and treatment. I am not so sure if the fact that you are not getting lubricated is related to the discharge. Regardless, you can see if this problem resolves after you are treated; if not you may need a vaginal lubricant, which can be purchased at your local pharmacy. If you are post menopausal then you may be dealing with vainal atrophy, which could cause the vaina to be dry. If this is the case your provider can give you estrogen cream if indicated. Good luck.