Why would a dnc be done after giving birth? After giving birth to my son, I lost about 4 pints of blood. Although a little fuzzy, I remember the dr saying if they can't stop the bleeding, i'd have to have a dnc. I just remembered shivering and being col

The . The simple answer is that you likely had retained pieces of the placenta that caused the bleeding, and the only way to "clean" out the uterus was via and d&c. The chance of this happening again would probably be the same as if it was your first baby/delivery. This event does not predispose you or increase your chances of having retained placenta with the next pregnancy/delivery. Try not to worry, this happens. Your doctors did the right thing. Congrats on your new baby!
See below. If all the placenta did not detach from the uterus during birth, there would still be a focus for the uterus to bleed from. This can easily be taken care of by a d and c.