The arch of one of my feet hurts after running. What should I do? For exercise I ran for 5 miles in an hour one week ago. This was more than normal, but in my opinion not that much. The next day my right foot's arch was sore and is still sore today. T

Treatment options. Begin with rest, ice massage, otc anti-inflammatories, & stretching the foot/ heel throughout the day. Make sure you are wearing shoes with an appropriate amount of support... Consider shoe inserts (arch support), and wearing night splints... Prp or steriod injections may be considered after the above options. For more information please see http://drmarkgalland.Com/what-is-plantar-fasciitis/.
Sorry . Sorry to hear about your discomfort. There is hope. You may be dealing with a common problem in runners, commonly referred to as overuse injury. I recommend you rest for 3 days, ice your foot and try running again. If after 3 days you are still having pain you should schedule a visit with your primary care provider. An x-ray will likely need to be done or a referal made to a foot doctor (podiatrist) in order to prevent overuse injury, you may want to invest in a pair of orthotics. These can be bought in your local pharmacy, or you can see a podiatrist for custom orthotics. A impression of your feet will be taken, and a custom orthotic will be made specifically for you. Some other tips: try stretching before running, change your shoes often, do not run on an uneven surface, alternate running short and long distances. Good luck!