Do people die during cosmetic surgery?

Very rarely . Find a qualified board certified plastic surgeon, have your surgery in an accredited facility with board certified anesthesiologists, and minimize your risks. Cosmetic surgery done in an appropriate setting with qualified surgeons and anesthesiologists, and done well has an extremely low mortality rate.
Yes, but very rarely. Cosmetic surgery carries risks, as does any surgery, but enormous precautions are taken to be sure this terrible tragedy does not occur. First and foremost, cosmetic surgery patients are evaluated carefully to be sure they are healthy enough to undergo the planned procedure and are told not to undergo it if they are not healthy enough. We also avoid performing too many surgeries at one time.
Yes. Unfortunately, people do die from complications of plastic surgery. Even more unfortunately, the vast majority of the these occurrences are avoidable. Elective plastic surgery should be performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon in an accredited surgical facility in medically suitable patients. Under the right circumstances, plastic surgery is extremely safe.
Yes & while driving. Yes it is possible but people die while driving, eating, flying, sleeping, etc. Appropriate precautions are typically taken to minimize these risks but they an never be eliminated.
Yes. The most famous case recently was kanye west's mother. Be honest with any symptoms and health problems. Follow instructions carefully. Stop unhealthy behavior like smoking and drug use. Your anesthesia team will take a careful history and physical to identify and prepare for any potential problems.
The risk is very low. Any elective surgery carries a very low risk of death from the anesthesia or from a serious complication like bleeding or infection. Always remember to work closely with your physicians to be sure you are a good candidate for elective surgery and that your plastic surgeon is certified by the american board of mediical examiners in philadelphia.
Yes. Death is extremely rare with elective surgeries. Ensure your surgeon and anesthesiologist are well trained and experienced, and be as healthy, fit and prepared as you can be.
Yes . People rarely die during cosmetic surgery, during any other type of surgery and during any other activity for that matter. It's not really a concern unless a predisposing medical illness exists.
Yes. With any surgical procedure, there is a risk of death. Therefore, if you are considering cosmetic surgery, in order to reduce the risk of death, you should be evaluated and operated on by a board certified plastic surgeon and the procedure should be performed in a certified surgical facility.
Rarely. If a surgeon plans overly extensive and dangerous surgery relative to the patient's health the outcome may be poor. Everyone is aware of plastic surgical catastrophes however these have usually been caused by poor decision making and poor choices by doctor and patient. The risks are also higher in patients with heart or lung disease, diabetes and especially a personal history of blood clots.
1 in 50,000. Elective cosmetic surgery has the same very good safety record as any elective surgery with a death rate of 1 in 50, 000. A patient in good medical condition undergoing anesthesia and surgery with a competent board certified plastic surgeon should have little concern over surviving the procedure. The risks change however if the patient or surgeon hide health information or make poor decisions.