Is it normal to have numbness and tingling in the hand 2 days after a bee sting to the palm? My teenage daughter was stung 2 days ago by a bee or yellow jacket on the palm of her hand. Stinger is not present. Her hand is still uncomfortable-feeling, and

Yes. Yes, it is possible. It should slowly go back to normal. If she develops weakness or numbness/tingling elsewhere in her body, it would be good to have her checked out.
Swelling, . Swelling, numbness and tingling are normal reactions to bee stings. To help remedy the uncomfortable feeling and itchiness, try giving your daughter benadryl, (diphenhydramine) an antihistamine. Also, it is a good idea to keep the arm and hand elevated to promote good blood flow. As the hand hangs down to the side, blood flow may not always be optimum for healing. If symptoms persists or if the symptoms worsen and do not get better after taking benadryl, (diphenhydramine) it is prudent to call your doctor or bring her into an urgent care.