Since ihad my stroke I can not get a full penis erection just the right gets hard can I get help or will it come back on left side.

Time will tell. Please consult your doctor as thee can be many other causes for erectile dysfunction.
Erectile. Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain an erection that is firm enough for a man to have sexual intercourse. In erectile dysfunction, a man may be unable to get an erection at all, or may lose his erection during sex. This condition is common amongst men, and will typically resolve on its own. However, if erectile dysfunction persists, this can damage a man's self esteem and affect his relationship. For this reason, it is recommended to see a doctor to investigate the cause and treat accordingly. In your case, it seems as though the foundation of erectile dysfunction is due to a neurologic disorder, following a stroke. Getting an erection requires interaction of the nerves, hormones, vessels and brain - any complications that can affect this interaction can cause erectile dysfunction. Other common problem that can cause this condition is diabetes, cardiovascular disease, use of toxins such as nicotine and alcohol, nerve damage from prostate surgery or poor communication with your partner and stress. See your doctor so that he/she can investigate the foundation of your erectile dysfunction. Treatment regimens can include medication by mouth (such as viagra (sildenafil) or hormone replacement), surgery (penile implant), or injections into the urethra. In the meantime, observe a healthy lifestyle, cut down on smoking/drinking, exercise regularly, get lots of rest and talk openly with your partner about your relationship and sex, counseling may also help.