Why does osteoarthritis develops simultaneously in spine (moderate), hands, hip and jaw (in the last year) - 38 year old woman spine osteoartitis developed at the age of 35, foot - age of 32

Unusual. . This is very unusual in someone of your age. Osteoarthritis is what we call the arthritis of old age. You are very young to have this type of arthritis affecting your entire body. You need to see a rheumatologist for an evaluation to make sure you do not have another form of arthritis. There are many type of arthritis that affect the young. Rheumatoid arthritis is the most common. Good luck.
You . You are fairly young to have developed osteoarthritis(oa), however it does occur. I'm curious as to how the diagnosis was made, and if other types of arthritis were ruled out. I'm a little confused about your question, however i will attempt to answer it. The time that the cartilage starts to wear down in the joints can occur simultaneously, i can't explain why it can happen like this other than it be based on the cause of the oa, and all the joints being involved at the same time. Some of the causes that may support this are oa as a result from long term overuse/stress on your joints from things such as obesity, sports, or possibly a long term jobs that required repetitive movements. Another cause could be linked to it being genetic. I implore you to ask your primary care doctor or orthopedic doctor to answer all your questions as they arise.