Should I have this lump in my breast removed? I am a mother of a one year old. After a month of breastfeeding I developed mastitous, not sure on the spelling but anyways, they poked and drained the infected area and now I have a lump in the same area. The

Get evaluated. I recommend that you follow up with a breast specialist. A good breast exam and ultrasound will tell if this is a recurrence of the mastitis or another type of benign lesion.
The . The path you take is up to you. You may ask your doctor to do a needle biopsy of the lump to determine if the lump is benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Also, ask your doctor if the lump can cause complications if not removed. Perhaps the reason your doctor wants to remove this is because it is close to a vital gland or other organ that can cause further irritation or infection.