Whats the fastes way to lose belly fat I want to lose about 15 20pounds I work out by lifting weights but can't get rid of my belly fat

loose belly now. The absolute fastest way to loose belly fat is liposuction, or if there is excessive loose skin then the choice is abdominoplasty. Diet and exercise do help a lot but the outcome is ususlly not as dramatic and takes time and effort. Even id u do get lipo or abdominoplasty, please stay on a diet and an exercise regimen to stay healthy.
If . If you want to try and trim down, especially belly fat, the key is your diet. Lifting weights will build muscle, and muscle eventually burns fat, but this takes a considerable amount of time. If you want faster results you need to eat a low fat diet, while also decreasing carbohydrates and increasing protein consumption. This is probably the best and most effective way to trim the belly fat. Remember if you do crunches and sit ups it will strengthen your abdominal muscles, but if there is fat on top of the muscles, then you will seldom see the effect. So like i said, diet is key. If you need help schedule a consult with a dietician or local nutritonist. Good luck!