How can I tell if I have an STD on my genitles? I can't tell if I should seek medical help after sleeping with that last girl

Just go to Dr. . And get screened. If you have ever had unprotected sex you may have been infected and are unaware of it. Many STDs have no symptoms but can cause significant damage. Go get screened. .
In . In order to make sure you do not have an std you need a medical evaluation and testing. Your primary care provider or local health clinic will be able to provide this for you through blood, urine or a culture.There are certain std's that cannot be seen and have little or no symptoms, and others that have outright characteristic signs and symptoms. I will go over the most common std's: genital warts-fleshy growths that occur on the genitals and/or rectum, usually painless genital herpes-painful blister like lesions also on the genitals and or rectum gonorrhea-bacterial infection otherwise known as the clap. In men penile dc and pain. Chlamydia-sometimes no symptoms at all, otherwise a discharge may be present trichomoniasis-caused by a parasite, can cause a yellow to green discharge syphilis-bacterial infection. 3 stages. The first can occur after ten days of unprotected sex, and usually present as sores on the genitals. Crabs-these can be seen mainly in the pubic hair, they are small almost transparent bugs, you may see them crawling hiv-human immunodeficiency virus, transmitted through oral, vaginal, or anal intercourse please always protect yourself by wearing a condom; i urge you to be tested right away. Your medical provider can provide you with more detailed literature about std's.