Could I be pregnant? My cycle is 32 days apart and for the last two month my period has been late and when it did come is was very light and pinkish brown. The first month my period was a day late and this month it was a week late. I've had all pregnancy

It. It sounds like you are still having your period, whether it is light or heavy. Many things can contribute to a late or missed period such as stress, an increase in your physical activity or change in eating patterns, let your doctor know that you have been experiencing a very light period and ask for a blood test to see if the pregnancy hormone is detected. It would behoove you emotionally to get a legitimate answer through a blood test. In the meantime, if you are trying to get pregnant, tell your doctor. He/she will place you on a regimen that can increase your chances by educating you about healthy life styles, and prescribe prenatal supplements to get your body ready for this journey.