Can you have liposuction if you have a hypothyroid condition?

LS in hypothyroid. Yes, as long as you have started treatment for this condition and are responding. If you haven't, it is not safe as your metabolism will not be able to handle the stressors of surgery.
Lipo & Thyroid. Depending on the amount of local anesthetic and the medication you take, such as synthroid, (thyroxine) there could be an elevation of blood pressure so this has to be evaluated by your surgeon and possibly your primary care doctor or endocrinologist. Sometimes the thyroid medication is reduced prior to and during the procedure with approval by the doctor managing your thryroid condition.
Yes. As with any medical condition, it is important that you follow up with treatment recommendations of your physician and share that information with your plastic surgeon. Thyroid conditions are monitored/treated quite easily without interfering with a decision such as liposuction. Weight can be important to both liposuction and low thyroid function and should be addressed well prior to surgery.
Yes. Yes you can as long as your thyroid condition is being properly treated and you inform your liposuction surgeon about any thyroid treatment. Medical clearance is required prior to undergoing liposuction.
Yes. A patient who is hypothyroid should be on appropriate dosage of thyroid medication and under good control prior to undergoing a surgical procedure.
Probably. Most likely yes, but i would discuss with your endocrinologist. Achieve a stable weight first and do not use liposuction as a method of weight loss.
Usually. Once the patient is on proper thyroid replacement therapy, liposuction should be no more dangerous for that patient than anyone else.