I have a tingile in the inside of my penis. I don't have pain but I do feel sensitivity, usually when I am urinating. I would like to know what can cause a tingle in my penis. It only happens when I pee. I have no discharge or any puss. I believe it could

The . The medical term for tingling/numbness/pins and needles is known as 'paresthesia.' symptoms may start with tingling and can lead to a loss of sensation. Any symptoms that cause paresthesia is typically related to a sensory nerve being damaged, injured or infected. The following conditions can cause penile tingling: a sexually transmitted disease (such as chlamydia, gonorrhoea, genital herpes), bacterial infection of the urethra, kidney stones, diabetes and/or traumatic damage to the nerves. There can be other causes as well, see your doctor to investigate why you are experiencing penile tingling to ensure you do not endure futher infection or damage to the reproductive nerves.