Hiv/aids created from two guys having sex? Hello dr., ok I got a question when I was 13yrs old me another boy (we are both boys) didn't have sex but I got semen on his back and may have leak down to his anus but we were young and didn't understand what it

HIV. If this is a real question (and not a gag), then it is highly unlikely there is any risk. If this is a gag, this is not an appropriate forum for this type of question.
There . There are a lot of different issues here that need to be addressed. First of all , it is unlikely that you gave your friend hiv, especially if you were a virgin at the time of the sexual act, however there are other ways you could have contratced hiv, and if you do in fact have the virus then there is a chance you could have transmitted it to your friend. This still sounds highly unlikely. In order to ease your fears both you and your friend should be tested right away for hiv. There are many free anonymous clinics that provide this service. A simple internet search can provide you with this information. Fyi HIV is transmitted by the exchange of bodily fluids, namely blood, semen, or vaginal secretions. Most likely a person contracts HIV from unprotected intercourse, or sharing needles, most commonly while abusing drugs. I urge you to do more research on this issue, consult your local health department or school nurse. Also the fact that you have nightmares, cry a lot, and think you have ocd is something that needs to be addressed by your primary care provider and ultimately a pyschiatrist. I also urge you to share these feelings with your parents or caregivers, they will be instrumental in guiding you through this time in your life. Good luck.