My 5yr old son has extremely dry skin on his feet, its starting to really peel. He got a real high fever from strep throat, and that brought on a rash, that lead to the dry skin. Wanting to know what I can get to help his dry feet

Often . Often times when a person has strep throat they develop a rash. This rash is caused by a toxin that's released by the strep bacteria. It sounds like that rash has subsided and has left behind the characteristic dry peeling skin. Don't worry this is the normal course for this type of rash and the peeling and dryness should subside completely after about 10 days or so. In the mean time keep his skin clean and moisturized. Try thick emollient creams, they usually come in a jar, or plain vaseline. Be patient; in time he will be completely back to normal.
Desquamation. The dry skin which is peeling off your son's feet (aka desquamation) occurs after the rash from strep pharyngitis (rash is referred to as scarlet fever). It is a benign process which resolves after the shedding stops, revealing new skin underneath. What is more important is to be aware of the potential complications of strep throat, namely rheumatic fever, post-strep glomerulonephritis or pandas.