I have tingling from my hands all the way up to my shoulders often. What causes this? I am 34. I notice it everytime I talk on the phone within 5 minutes because I have to switch hands all the time. When I have my hands anywhere above heart level. It do

Possible CT Syndrome. Your symptoms suggest likely ct syndrome if tingling starts from fingers and then radiates upwards but not involve neck. You need neurological evaluation and ncv and EMG test.
Numbness . Numbness and tingling in the hands is a common sensation felt when there is sustained pressure on a nerve, for instance if you are holding the phone between your neck and your shoulder, you may be placing pressure on a nerve. This feeling is typically benign. However numbness and tingling can also be a sign of a more serious condition and can be accompanied by pain, itching, burning and muscle wasting. This can be a sign of nerve damage (resulting from trauma or infection), or peripheral neuropathy. Any persistent numbness and tingling needs to be assessed by a doctor.