Blood in stools had endoscope have gastritis have hernia will have colonoscopy in oct had last colonoscopy 4 year ago am anemic I am 61 years old under active thyroid 3 children had gall bladder out many years ago teated positive celiac disease in 2 test

Unsure. I am not sure what the question is, but can say that large hiatal hernias are frequently overlooked as a cause of anemia.
The . The colonoscopy will provide a more definitive answer to explain where the bleeding is coming from. However, here are a few things that could cause you to have blood in the stool: 1.Diverticuli - small pouches that project from the bowel, usually not a problem unless they get infected or inflamed 2. Colitis - inflammation of the colon 3. Fissue - similar to a paper cut within the colon or anus which happen as a result of a large/hard bowel movement 4. Peptic ulcer - open sore in the stomach which can bleed 5. Esophageal tear 6. Polyps - benign growths in the colon which can bleed or become cancerous the colonoscopy will give your doctor a better picture of your situation.