Chances of my girlfriend getting pregnant. Ok so my girlfriend took they day after pill 2 months ago resulting in a very late period last month (cycle lasted 38 days as opposed to the normal 28 she usually has) then today, 4 days before her period should

After . After taking Plan B (day after pill) a woman's cycle can become irregular. Her menstrual cycle should likely stabilize within 3 months. It is difficult to determine where she is in her cycle since she has recently taken plan b, therefore hard to determine if she is near ovulation (time frame in which conception takes place). The spermicidal lubricant on the condom should provide some protection, but once again very difficult to determine how much protection. Another Plan B is an option, but would only bebeneficial if taken within 72 hours of the condom breaking. If your girlfriend misses her next period(one week late) according to her regular cycle, she can take a home pregnancy test or go to her doctor for testing.