What causes my 11 year old daughter to have excessively sweaty palms and feet? Her hands and feet are excessively sweaty all the time. Even when she is cold, her hands and feet are sweaty. She is getting embarrassed by this now. She also have lots of s

See a doctor. Your daughters problem could be as simple as thyroid function.
Your . Your daughter is dealing with hyperhidrosis. Most cases are considered idiopathic. This means there is no underlying cause for the condition. However, a detailed history and physical by the primary care provider should be done to rule out any disorders or conditions that could be the cause of this problem (thyroid disorder, diabetes, neurological conditions etc.). The small bumps you are describing may be a dermatitis that has resulted from the excess sweat. Both problems can be treated. If your daughters pcp is unable to provide adequate treatment then a referal to a dermatologist is in order. Good luck.