Unbearable headache pain I get migraines regularly but also these other headaches which are much more painful. They only happen in the summer around a certain time like 2:15 in the morning. They wake me up and it feels like one of my eyes are going to exp

Cluster headaches. Headaches reoccurring behind one eye with tearing are often what we call cluster headaches. They often occur around the same time of day and can be severe. Over-the-counter pain medications typically have no effect on the pain from a cluster headache. Oxygen and tryptans are treatments. Please see your specialist eye md (ophthalmologist) and a neurologist. Good luck.
Don't . Don't assume that a doctor will think you are crazy or drug seeking. Your symptoms are real and should be evaluated as such. If you feel you are not receiving proper care, then seek out another provider. Back to your symptoms...It sounds like you may be suffering from something called a cluster headache. The pain associated with these types of headaches is classified as severe(mainly burning and throbbing) the pain is usually located behind one eye. They are called cluster because they usually have a characteristic time when they strike (in your case summer time, around 2:15am. The treatment is aimed at relieving your symptoms. When one of these headaches comes on you should see your doctor right away or go to your local emergency room. There are many treatment options, but they have to be prescribed/ordered by a physician. They include oxygen, steroids, triptan medications, octreotide, local anesthetics, and dihydroergotamine. Please seek care for this problem, you deserve to be heard and have your symptoms alleviated. Good luck.