Can you get breast implatnts with your own fat?

Maybe, within limits. Fat grafting for breast enlargement has a controversial history and was banned by the american society of plastic surgeons for many years, but due to recent advances in techniques it is now done, within limits. It is routinely used for small amounts to improve the results of breast reconstruction, but for augmentation it is still limited by unpredictability for volumes comparable to implants.
Hopefully soon . Fat imjections to the breast are still not at the point in which board certified plastic surgeons feel that it is a safe, effective way to truly augment the female breast. We are still trying to work out standardized ways to safely inject fat so that the donor site (abdomen and thighs typically) has a low complication rate from surface irregularites and the transferred fat survives.
Yes. Yes! It consists of transferring your own fat from one place to another. I perform this procedure in Miami, Florida.
Yes. Use of fat grafting to augment the breasts has been actively done in the us since early 90s. In past 5 years, improvements in technique and use of platelet concentrates have led many more surgeons to perform these procedures. It is also useful in repair "divots" caused by lumpectomies or from rippling margins of implants to mask the edges. Many boarded aesthetic plastic surgeons perform.
Hopefully soon . The use of fat to enlarge breasts is controversial but beginning to gain acceptance. The technique involves taking some fat with liposuction and then grafting it into the breast area. A big problem is that only small volumes of fat can reliably transferred to any one area. Even a small breast implant is typically a least twice as much.
Autofat breast Augme. Augmenting breasts with your own fat can be done if a person has adequate amounts of fat elsewhere to harvest. Some of the newer techniques of fat harvest will allow this to become a more expedient and less costly procedure. Monitoring of the breasts by specialists who are familiar with appearance of fat grafts in breasts will also be an important factor.
Thighs for Cup Size. Yes, it is possible to transfer fat from your donor sites to your breasts. There are numerous issues to consider when contemplating this surgery, including the limited size which can be achieved, more surgery, prolonged anesthesia, concerns with mammographic imaging, fate of transferred fat, ... For examples:
Yes. Use of your own fat cells, coupled with platelet concentrates are gaining acceptance and recognition for naturally augmenting the breast tissues. It involves use of a syringe to gently remove fat from other areas of your body, and placing that tissue into the natural areas of fat in the breast. This has been an option for approximately 20 years, with more emphasis in the past 5 years.