My foot and ankle hurt what's wrong its is at the front of the heal and around the bottom of inside part of my foot.

Treatment options. Begin with rest, ice massage, otc anti-inflammatories, & stretching the foot/ heel throughout the day. Make sure you are wearing shoes with an appropriate amount of support... Consider shoe inserts (arch support), and wearing night splints... Prp or steriod injections may be considered after the above options. For more information please see http://drmarkgalland.Com/what-is-plantar-fasciitis/.
Based . Based on the very limited information i can guess that you may be suffering from a condition called plantar fasciitis. This is a conditon that involves a band of tissue that extends from your heel to your foot. This band is called the plantar fascia. Multiple reasons cause this band to not work very well in absorbing the shock of walking or running. These factors include obesity, natural flat foot, extensive walking, and even diabetes. Your doctor will need to examen you and make the diagnosis based on physical findings and information from a detailed history. If another cause is suspected, then additional testing like an x-ray may be needed. If it is plantar fasciitis, your doctor will give you a list of stretches that can help with this problem. Also over the counter anti-inflammatory medications, cool compresses or ice wrapped in a towel over the affected area, and finally orthotics may help. Good luck.