Why does it seem like I can't get pregnant? I have been trying with my fiance for over a year and it is getting upsetting. My great grandmother and my grandmother both had endomitriosis, but they both had no problem getting pregnant. What can I do to hel

Infertility. It's time to evaluate and see your gynecologist. First step is to do semen analysis on your partner because male infertility is significant. Secondaarily would be to evaluate your ovulation, your tubal patency and other factors. Just a few things to straighten out. Don't wait, start now.
If . If you are unsuccessful at becoming pregnant after one year of trying, then by medical standards you would be considered infertile. Now that does not mean you cannot become pregnant, however a medical work up for yourself and your fiance should be done. If you want to avoid going to a doctor you could try home ovulation kits that are sold at most pharmacies, and follow the simple instructions; if that does not work it is probably best to have a consultation first with your gynecologist who will determine the appropriate next step. If you really want a child, then it should be worth it to you to investigate the reason you are having trouble. It may be a simple issue that can be easily solved, if not there are many options available. Please dont give up and don't be afraid to seek the help of a medical professional. Good luck!