Can I overdose on mushrooms is it possible to eat to many mushrooms and be at risk. I've heard mushrooms are not good for people's liver. I'm talking button or shitake - general mushrooms you have in the super market

The . The odds of you overdosing on store bought mushrooms are very very slim to none. Shitake mushroome are considering very safe. The most common ill effects are diarrhea, bloating and allergic reactions. On the other hand, there is controversy surrounding the idea that button mushrooms are carcinogenic. Most of the literature states that this risk is extremely low if the mushrooms are cooked. However, there is no definitive answer either way as far as i can tell. The bottom line is this, store bought mushrooms are likely safe and should not cause fear of overdose or any other harmful effect. It might be a good idea to balance your meals and food groups. An excess of anything is likely to cause some effect. In this cause it may just be a little bloating and diarrhea. Good luck.