Is chest pain from anemia, peptic ulcer, pulled muscle, impending heart attack, gerd, or angina? 17 of sept, I was out, " de-rusting " a bike, & getting any rust of the chain. Also, I did lift the bike ; a rockhopper. Btw, I am female, 5'3", 110 lbs

You . You can refuse the treatment that the er doctor recommended to you and make an appointment with your primary care physician. When a patient presents to the er, the er doctor can only stabilize and treat the 'clinical picture' that was observed during the visit. It sounds like the er doctor took a look at your heart (ekg), your lungs (chest xray) and based on the fact that you tried Prilosec (able to consider ruling out indigestion) as a cause. Perhaps you exhibited some anxiety (for example: high blood pressure) during your er visit. Also, depending on your medication, the medications prescribed by the er physician may also help to relax smooth muscles and can provide some temporary pain relief. It is prudent to make an appointment with your primary care physician for a treatment regimen (such as managing high blood pressure) and investigating this pain. As for your visit in the ed, you were assessed accordingly to see if anything was going on with your heart and lungs. It was a very idea for you to go to er to make sure a serious event wasn't occurring. For all intents and purposes of an er visit, your needs were met. The next step is to follow up with your doctor for further assessment and ensure quality care and follow up.