Can I have butt and breast augmentation at the same time?

Not recommended. I would not perform a breast augmentation and a butt augmentation at the same time because the post op recovery positions conflict with one another. For the butt augmentation, you should not sleep on your backside for 3 weeks. Similarly, it is not advisable to sleep on your stomach following breast augmentation. Therefore, these two procedures should not be done in the same operative session.
Not really. Although the procedure can be done, it really is too rough on you the patient. Additionally, the positions you would need to be in to keep the fat alive that was transferred to your buttocks, would place pressure on the breasts. Not advisable at all. Finally, the butt augmentation requires time and extreme care to get a great result. The surgeon should really focus on the one thing.
Not a good idea. You'd have a lot of trouble getting comfortable postoperatively.
Not recommended. When you have buttock implants placed you are required to sleep on your stomach so that you do not put pressure on the area for at least the first three weeks. For the same reason, you must sleep on your back for at least three weeks when you have breast surgery. Therefore the two surgeries cannot be done at the same time because of the recovery process.
Breast and Buttock. The main problem is the logistics of the operation as well as recommendations for post op care & positioning. For example do you do the buttocks first (a surgically contaminated area?) or breasts first and then turn onto stomach to do the buttocks and place pressure on the new implants? How will you recover? The only possibilty is on your side atthough a few surgeons allow stomach sleeping.
Not recommended. Any surgery in the butt can potentially contaminate surgery elsewhere in the body. Breast augmentation requires absolute sterility as any infection of the implant will require removal. Therefore, most plastic surgeons would not recommend doing the two operations simultaneously.
Not recommended. It depends on your surgeon but most surgeons would not do these procedures together. It would require a position change and you would have two areas of your body that are sore from the surgery. The postop care required for each procedure conflicts as well. I recommend talking to a board certified plastic surgeon to determine the best treatment plan for you.