Does a child with cerebral palsy have to depend on others for everything? Can this child be trained to lead a somewhat independent life?

Yes. There is a spectrum of involvement with cerebral palsy. Those with spastic diplegia are usually most likely to develop independent skills.
Hard to comment. CP is a label applied to a disorder of movement & posture caused by a static brain injury. It can be so mild that people don't know they have it, or so involved, they are bedridden for life. Physical & occupational therapy in childhood can often help maximize mobility & function. Many have normal lives with jobs & kids, but some do not.
Cerebral . Cerebral palsy is caused by damage to the motor areas of the brain that can occur during pregnancy, childbirth or anytime up to age 3. There are three main types: spastic, ataxic and dyskenetic - all of which have different symptoms. Some people affected with cerebral palsy have very mild symptoms (my college roommate had mild cerebral palsy on her left which caused a slight limp - this did not stop her from graduating with honors, landing a great job, marrying and having 2 beautiful children.) and some people have symptoms that are more severe. Because of this, each child's potential must be assessed individually. In general, the earlier treatment begins, the better chance kids have of overcoming developmental disabilities and learning new ways to accomplish tasks that challenge them. Treatment is interdisciplinary and can include interpersonal therapists, occupational therapists, medications, orthotics and surgeries. The best people to ask about a child's prognosis are the doctors and therapists working with the child. Legal disclaimer: I am providing this general and basic information as a public service and my response to this question does not constitute a doctor-patient relationship. For any additional information, advice, or specific concerns, please speak with your own physician. The information provided is current as of the date of the answer entry.