Is he narcissistic? Am I still being played? Or is he truly just lost without me? After having a breakdown am I being unfare? I feel confused, desperately upset, unsure, ! 2yrs ago the drink and drugs got so bad, after getting him to stop, he moved out a

What we do know. All I can say is, let s find out. Why don t you sit with a dr and tell him/her all this story? I can tell there is a lot of interesting things to hear. Maybe that breakdown and the drugs have some root causes that should be explored, and consequences still to prevent, and to heal. That s what we can tell so far.
You. You need to put yourself as number one in this situation. As you are currently separated, ask yourself if you feel truly happy in your relationship. Ask yourself if this relationship is healthy, supportive, joyful, a partnership, with open and honest communication. While it is true that relationships have their ups and downs, they should not be a constant battle of mind and heart. Seek counseling to explore what you are going through. Your counselor can help provide insight on your healthy mentally, physically and emotionally. Couples counseling may be necessary.