Can I get a facelift under local, or do they have to put me out?

Yes - By An Expert. There is a growing number of surgeons learning the appropriate method for performing facelift surgery under local anesthesia only. Surgeons in our practice have performed over 4000 facelifts using only local anesthesia. When done properly, this type of procedure can address all of the critical areas necessary to achieve the same lift possible with general anesthesia (smas, platysma, skin).
Yes. A facelift can be done under local anesthesia. A little sedation can also help keep you comfortable.
IF you want. While I personally perform almost all my procedures under sedation rather than general, I do not like local only or with an oral sedative. Most patients who have had a lift this way relate significant discomfort with the local- it hurts! Much better to get a little IV sedation, feel great and remember nothing. Discuss the options with your surgeon.
Either one. In most patients, general anesthesia or "twilight sleep" can be used. It is a matter of patient and surgeon choice. Both are safe in experienced hands.
Yes with local alone. I perform mini-mid facelifts with local anesthesia. Additionally fat injections can be performed under local alone. For endoscopic browlifts, mid facelift, and neck lifts, I use local anesthesia with IV twilight anesthesia. I rarely perform any type of facelift with general anesthesia.
Facelift under local. Hello, Absolutely!! Most of my patients have their facelift via local anesthesia and IVCS.
Local. But with intravenous sedation. General is best and quite safe for healthy patient.
Yes with local alone. Depending on surgeons, a lifestyle lift can be done under local alone. I perform all my facelifts under local alone.
Facelift Anesthesia. Facelifts can be done under pure local or general andsthesia. Many physicians are touting local because they have no choice since an anesthesiologist will not work in their non-accredited facility. I have done both and I and my patients prefer going to sleep and knowing nothing. This is also safer and has a faster recovery.
Facelift under local. A facelift can be performed safely under local anesthesia. In our practice we have performed over 3, 000 facelift procedures under local anesthesia. Patients like this approach because they are aware and in control. The physician also has to be comfortable and experienced in the procedure. In my experience patients recover faster with local rather than with general anesthesia.
Facelift under local. For some types of facelifts which involve smaller incisions and less dissection, the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia. Have your face evaluated by a board certified facial plastic surgeon to determine which procedure is best for you.
Mini lift. Mini facelifts may be done under local anesthesia, but a full facelift is usually done under more anesthesia than just local.
YES. 9 out of 10 patients in my practice choose to undergo facelift and often other procedures with local anesthesia and oral + intramuscular sedation. I also offer intravenous sedation for those patients who prefer to be under deeper sedation.
Facelfit under local. Yes, but it depends on your health and the extent of the procedure as well as your tolerance for injections. If you have high blood pressure and extensive procedures are planned, this may not be a recommended option. A variety of sedation options are available and can be discussed with an anesthesiologist.
Not with local alone. With local anesthesia for a facelift (meaning numbing medication is injected) it is a good idea to also have an anesthesia provider (anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist) give monitored intravenous sedation for better comfort. Some plastic surgeons prefer to use general anesthesia but I am sure that most agree that local without IV is not optimal. Make sure the surgical facility is accredited.
Not with local alone. A complete facelift should not be done simply under local anesthesia for multiple reasons. One includes the risk of pain and blood pressure spikes during the procedure that can cause bleeding. Mini-facelifts (if all that's needed) can be done under local with IV sedation but modern anesthesia is light and a safe method for nearly everyone and permits a more thorough and longer lasting result.